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Looe Raft Race 2022

Sunday 10th July at 3.10pm

Ru l es 1. All rafts to be consisted of barrels, drums, wood etc. No boats or canoes may be utilised and craft may only be paddled, no rowing or power. The race officer wi ll categorise classes w her e nece ssary. 2. Competitors are responsible for dis posa l of their own rafts. A charge will be made if debris has to be re mo ved. 3. All rafts to be entere d ¾ HOUR before race start ti me: with the fee of £6.00 per adult or £3.00 per chi l d. Sponsor ship money should also be handed in by that ti me or as soon as is practic able 4. All rafters must act responsibly and have regard for fello w rafters, particularly children. The safety rules must be foll owed and the indemnity form signed and handed in wh en entering 5. For safety reasons a ll rafters must notify the Finish Line Marshal at Little Beach when finishing and those who do not finish must also notify the Marshal . 6. For safety reasons children under 8 ar e not permitted to enter and th ose under 18 years old must have their own In demnity form signed by a parent or guardian 7. The start time/ course may vary depending upon the w eather on the day. 8. Decisions of the Raft Race Committee are final.
Safety Notes THESE MUST BE READ BY ALL T  EAM MEMBERS This information is important. It needs to be rea d and understood, by eve ryon e taking part in the Looe Raft Race . 1. You mus t foll ow th e sa fety in struction s given to you by the Sa fety Marshals 2. You have confirmed th at you are able to swim 50 mete rs in cold wate r whilst weari ng light clothing and a buoya ncy ai d an d that taking part in th is event will not har m your he alth. If you have an y doubts, you agree to get medical advice before you ta ke part. 3. You also agree to wear a bu oyancy aid, and kee p it fa stened at all times whilst you are on your raft and in the w ater . Th is is for your own safe ty. If you have a manually infla tabl e li fe jac ket, it must be worn ou tside of your clothing. Auto inflate li fe jacke ts are no t suitable and should not be worn. 4. The risks of takin g pa rt in an event on water ca n be reduced if you obey the instructions of Sa fety Marsh als . There is a sli m chance your ra ft may brea k up or caps ize. You have to accept this as part of the event, and so dress appropria tely and bring spare clothes and a towel (just in ca se!) 5. Ou r Ra ce Sc ruti neer will refuse to allow you to take part in the event if th e decide tha t you are unfit (or unsa fe) to ra ce for any reason, especia lly if you are drunk. The Scrutineer’s decis ion on sa fe ty is final. 6. It is extremely dangerous to deliberate ly capsize, disable your raft or compe titors raft at any s tage of the event and so a ny c rews tha t do so wi ll be di sq ualifi ed from the entire event. 7. In compliance with the req uiremen ts of our insurers the event organi sers cannot condon e and s trongly discourage the throwing of an y materia ls and we will not be held res ponsible for an y damage or injury cause d by thrown materia ls. 8. Any ra fter i nterferi ng with buoys or race directions w ill be d is qualif ied 9. There will be resc ue boats to assi st you if your raft is in trouble . Pleas e do not swim to th e rescue boat until you are directed to do so, th e boats wi ll come to you. You wi ll be aske d to hold on to the side of th e res cue boat and tu rn around, so that your ba ck is ag ainst the boat. You will the n be lifted from the water onto the s ide of the boat. Please sit quietly. This is essentia l becau se everyone mu st be rem oved from th e wate r, checke d for injuries and an accura te headcount confirmed before the rescue boat can sta rt th eir engin es. If you are injured or require medical atte nti on, plea s e tell the rescue boat firs t aider, and he will ar ran ge medical help for you. The s afe ty boat will see that the raft is delive red to th e fini sh or to the sh ore. We hope that you have a real ly enjo yable day and tha nk you for helping to ra ise m oney for Looe RNLI.