Looe Lifeboats

2 February 2019 Paged 1.39 pm Launched 1.44 pm Atlantic 85 Sheila and Dennis Tongue II D Class Ollie Naismith Reports of a male cut off by the tide at long rock Downderry. Arriving on scene two volunteer crew went ashore to escort the casualty over the rocks onto the D Class inshore lifeboat and took him back to Downderry 2 December 2018 Reports of a female fallen from the cliff path to the west of Peak rock, Polperro. Arriving on scene two volunteer crew went ashore to assist with casualty care. Casualty taken down to the harbour and handed into the care of the ambulance service 5 November 2018 Reports of a walker cut off by tide west of Tregantle beach Volunteer crew stood down after conducting a search between Portwrinkle and Tregantle. Nothing found 5 October 2018 Reports of a dog swimming out to sea off Seaton beach Willow, a spaniel was reunited with it's owner on Seaton beach after rescue by our dog loving crew 29 September 2018 Reports of two persons and a dog cut off by tide to the west of Portwrinkle                                     Volunteer crew escorted the casualties over the rocks onto the D Class inshore lifeboat and took them back to Downderry 8 September 2018 Reports of a person in river above the bridge by the surgery.                                     Volunteer crews stood down before launching as incident resolved by the Police 26 August 2018 Concern for the welfare of occupants in a tent on the beach east of Millendreath.                                     Volunteer crews stood down before launching 13 August 2018 Reports of four kayakers sheltering to the south of Looe Island.                                    Our volunteer crew took two kayakers back to Millendreath beach whilst the other two made their own way back.. 12 August 2018 Reports of a child fallen from Banjo Pier onto the river bed. Our volunteer crew provided casualty care until first responders and paramedics arrived. Along with other agencies our crew prepared safe landing areas for the air ambulance. Casualty transferred to hospital by Cornwall Air Ambulance. 5 August 2018 Not really a shout, but….3 pm Person in difficulties attempting to swim across the river against strong outgoing tidal current. Thrown a lifebelt by passing charter boat Top Cat and rescued by our station’s Lifeboat Operations Manager Dave Haines on his ferry boat. Well done Dave. A rescue at last! 5 August 2018 Multiple 999 reports of jetski’s amongst swimmers off Millendreath beach.                                     Police requested our volunteer crew to check the area and offer appropriate safety advice to the jetski users.                                     Returning to the lifeboat station our crew assisted a kayaker off the Banjo Pier having trouble getting back onto his kayak after falling into the water. 5 August 2018 Assist a boat with fuel problems off Plaidy beach.                                     Volunteer crew towed boat with four persons on board back to her mooring above the bridge.. 15 July  2018 Reports of two persons cut off by the tide at Freathy.                                    Volunteer crews stood down just before arrival as casualties picked up by a passing boat 8 July  2018 Reports of a male fallen into the river by Looe bridge.                                    After an extensive search of Looe river and estuary, volunteer crew stood down at 4.15 am when male found safe in the town. 7 July  2018 Assist a 24' cabin cruiser with engine failure off Rame head.                                    Volunteer crew towed cabin cruiser with two persons on board back to Looe Harbour 2 July  2018 Assist Devon and Cornwall Police with a person on cliffs at Downend Point, Polperro.                                    Volunteer crews stood down en route as incident resolved.. 27 June 2018 Assist in a multi agency search for a missing person.                                    Volunteer crews searched Looe riverbanks, finding nothing the crews were stood down and returned to station. 15 June 2018 Reports of a kayaker in difficulties 500 metres off shore to the west of the Hore Stone.                                    The casualty was bought on board the inshore lifeboat and our volunteer crew took him back to Looe lifeboat Station. 14 June 2018 Assist an open boat with six persons on board drifting between the Millpool and Trenant Point with a fouled propeller / rudder.                                Our volunteer lifeboat crew removed a rope from the rudder, allowing them to continue their evening boat trip. 6 June 2018 Re tasked during training to reports of a paddle boarder in difficulties off Seaton beach.                                    Our volunteer lifeboat crew confirmed the paddle boarder was not in difficulty and stood by until the paddle boarder returned to Seaton beach. 27 May 2018 Reports of a kayaker in difficulties 400 yards off second beach.                                    Our volunteer lifeboat crew confirmed the kayaker was OK although feeling tired. The crew stood by until the kayaker returned safely onto Millendreath beach. 27 May 2018 Multi agency rescue of a person at the bottom of the river embankment on Sandplace Road                                    Volunteer lifeboat crew transferred casualty into lifeboat and returned to the boathouse where the casualty was handed over into the care of the ambulance service. 21 May 2018 Reports of an exhausted stand up paddle boarder off Seaton beach.                                     Volunteer lifeboat crew and RNLI Lifeguards transferred casualty into the lifeboat and bought safely back to shore. 6 May 2018 Assist a teenager fallen on rocks over on second beach                                    Taken by lifeboat back to the boathouse where the casualty was reunited with her parent. 5 May 2018 Reports of a female in difficulties in the sea off Seaton beach                                    Our volunteer crew quickly bought her onboard the Atlantic 85 and returned to Looe Lifeboat Station where the female was handed over into the care of paramedics. 4 May 2018 Reports of a male in difficulties on rocks off Talland beach.                                     Our volunteer crew confirmed the male was not in trouble and was attempting to attract the attention of a passing 28 April 2018 Reports of a broken down jet ski off Talland bay                                     Quickly locating the jet ski our volunteer crew towed the jet ski back to Looe harbour. 19 April 2018 Assist a Looe inshore crabber with engine failure                                     Volunteer crew established a line and due to the low tide towed the crabber to a mooring off East Looe beach.                                     13 March 2018 Reports of a hang glider on rocks above Freathy beach                                     Crews found the male pilot uninjured on rocks above a deep gully. Pilot taken by D Class inshore lifeboat to coastguard teams waiting on Portwrinkle beach. 3 March 2018 Assist Looe fishing trawler Paravel suffering engine problems.                                     Volunteer crew established a line and towed the trawler back to her berth on East Looe Quay. 26 January 2018 Shore based incident - Assist an elderly lady who stumbled and fell in Fore Street                                     5 of our volunteer crew administered first aid and oxygen keeping her as comfortable as possible until ambulance paramedics took over her care
The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SC037736). Registered charity number 20003326 in the Republic of Ireland
With your support, we save lives at sea We save lives by providing a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service, seasonal lifeguards, water safety education and initiatives, and flood rescue response. 

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