Looe Lifeboats

An alarming statement, but probably true! Because, regardless of your experience, we can almost guarantee there is something you have overlooked and that something could endanger you, your crew, your vessel, or all three. For example, did you know that: The average life jacket could fail to inflate just when you really need it, for a variety of reasons and even new life jackets could fail, as they are not always tested before they leave the factory. We can check your lifejackets and advise you on any remedial action required. Cold water shock kills Our Advisers will explain how new research can help you survive falling in the water.
The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SC037736). Registered charity number 20003326 in the Republic of Ireland
With your support, we save lives at sea We save lives by providing a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service, seasonal lifeguards, water safety education and initiatives, and flood rescue response.
Every year our lifeboats respond to thousands of incidents, many of which could have been prevented with simple safety precautions. Your RNLI is now focusing on prevention, which is so much better than the ‘cure’, an expensive and sometimes embarrassing rescue. Best of all, our advice will not cost you a penny as your local RNLI would like to offer you a completely free, friendly and confidential service that looks at safety aspects involved with your boat. An 'Advice Onboard' visit is neither a test nor an inspection and there is no pass or fail or regulatory implications. Conducted by one of our highly experienced volunteers 'Advice Onboard' is a personal face-to- face safety advice service that takes place on board your own craft.
You set the time and we tailor our visit to your vessel and the type of boating that you do. Whether you’re a newcomer, or an experienced yachtsman, motorman, or kayak owner, our unique one-to-one service will also give you an opportunity to ask any niggling questions on equipment or emergency procedures. To help your safely we also provide free publications to ensure that next time you go afloat you are more prepared. So what are you waiting for? Email adviceonboard@looelifeboats.co.uk today, to enquire about availability.
The man overboard is likely to be you. Can your partner really get you back on board? We will assess your MOB equipment and advise on best practice for your circumstances.

Skipper - You and your crew are in danger!